Blog Posts in November, 2010

  • 16-Nov-2010

    Understanding Knife Violations in New York City

    The New York Penal Law makes it a misdemeanor to carry a variety of sharp weapons, such as gravity knives and switchblades. But even knives that you might not consider to be dangerous weapons can get you in trouble with the police. If you are found ...
  • 3-Nov-2010

    Understanding New York Criminal Court Orders of Protection

    Q: In what cases do criminal courts issue orders of protection? A: Criminal Procedure Law Sections 530.12 and 530.13 authorize criminal courts to issue orders of protection when a criminal action is pending involving a complaint charging any crime or ...
  • 1-Nov-2010

    New York DWI Refusal Chart

    The following is a simplistic chart explaining the license suspension consequences of a person’s refusing to submit to a blood or breath test upon being arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence of alcohol ...