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Assault charges are one of the most common types of charges to be prosecuted. If you are facing charges of assault, it is important to not lose hope. With the right attorney on your side, you could see your rights protected and your charges or penalties decreased. At Galluzzo & Arnone LLP, we take our job of defending our clients seriously. You can be confident that when you work with us, we will fight vigorously to see that your future is safeguarded. With more than 40 years of collective experience and a great deal of time spent in the courtroom, we know what it takes to build a strong defense.

Assault Cases We Handle

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is physical abuse that occurs among people who hold a close familial or social relationship. These individuals do not have to be married; they can be dating or simply living together. If you have been charged with domestic violence, we are prepared to build a strong defense on your behalf.

Vehicular Assault

Vehicular assault occurs when a driver is operating a vehicle recklessly, while under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs, or while his or her license is suspended or revoked. This charge can lead to serious penalties, and we are prepared to do everything it takes to protect your future.

Incidents at Bars & Clubs

Verbal arguments at bars or clubs can quickly get out of control if the altercation turns physical. While many people do not think a bar fight is something to take seriously, it could forever alter your reputation and future. If you have been involved in such an incident, do not hesitate to contact our firm today.

Workplace Violence

Work environments are known as places of stress and tension, but when emotions get heated, violence in the workplace may occur. We have handled many workplace violence cases and we have what it takes to help protect your future!

Sexual Assault

A sexual assault charge has the potential to lead to a serious felony conviction on your record, time in prison, having to register in a public database as a sex offender, and a negative impact on your reputation and social relationships. With a former member of the Sex Crimes Unit of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office on our team, we are prepared to represent you!

Assault With a Weapon

When an individual uses a tool other than his or her hands to hurt another person, this offense can be charged as assault with a weapon. We have successfully represented numerous clients facing charges for assault with a weapon and we have the resources necessary to build a strong defense to safeguard your future.


A heated moment of anger or heightened emotions has the potential to lead to the unintentional death of another person. While manslaughter results in death just as murder does, it is not triggered by the same malicious intent that murder is. If you are facing manslaughter charges, call our firm.

Assault on a Police Officer

Assault on a police officer can be one of the most complex assault cases to defend because it involves committing violence against a peace officer. With more than 40 years of combined legal experience, we have a thorough understanding of all aspects of police procedure and the inner workings associated with the police department.

When your future is at stake, make sure you are working with experienced, driven, and knowledgeable assault attorneys in New York who will work tirelessly to help you obtain the most favorable outcomes for your case.

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Client Reviews
Mr. Galluzzo and his team at G&J are absolutely one of the best at what they do. The work tirelessly at getting the best possible result for the case at hand and they truly care about their clients. Galluzzo and his team were able to overturn and vacate my guilty plea, then taking a big risk where I could have faced a large amount of time in prison Galluzzo took my case to trial. He walked in there with the confidence and swagger as if he already knew everything would work out for me, he laid out every single fact and hole in the prosecutions case to the jury and came away with a full acquittal on every charge after just one hour of deliberations. In an instant, I had my life back! I would most certainly recommend Matthew and his team to anyone in need of legal help. Thanks again Matt! Client
Eric was a great asset to have on my side during a recent case. We had an initial phone discussion in which Eric talked about my specific situation, possible outcomes, and process. He was extremely knowledgeable, diligent and kept me up to speed throughout the ordeal. I would highly recommend Eric if you ever need an attorney in NYC. Client
I want to thank you again for all the energy that you expended on behalf of our children during the weekend – your presence by their sides reassured them throughout this traumatic experience and reduced their suffering. Client
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