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Case Results (Part 1)

Please note that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

  • High dismissal rate on first-time marijuana cases.
  • High dismissal rate on first-arrest shoplifting and petit larceny charges.

Trial acquittal: Sexual Abuse in the First Degree and Assault in the Second Degree

Client, a computer programmer, was accused of sexually abusing three different underaged girls in Park Slope. He was also charged with assaulting a police officer and causing her to become permanently disabled. After a two-week jury trial, he was acquitted on all charges.

The case received press coverage.

Dismissals in weapons possession cases


Student and non-citizen was arrested trying to board an airplane with a Chinese throwing star and Xanax in hs backpack, and issued a Desk Appearance Ticket for PL 265.01 and PL 220.03. Result: All charges dismissed without community service.

Student at prominent private school arrested with gravity knife while smoking marijuana on a park bench and issued Desk Appearance Ticket for PL 265.01 and PL 221.10. Result: All charges dismissed with two days of community service.

Felony assault charges in stabbing case dismissed


Client, an executive at an internet company, was arrested and charged with felony assault (Assault in the Second Degree, PL 120.05) for allegedly stabbing a bouncer at a nightclub during a riot. Result: all criminal charges dismissed without jail or probation or community service.

Assault & Criminal Contempt

Cases Dismissed

Real estate developer was charged with assault for allegedly assaulting his wife, and then re-arrested for criminal contempt for allegedly violating an order of protection. G&J convinced the prosecutor to move to dismiss all of the charges.

Result: Cases dismissed.


No Jail Time

Client was a young man who allegedly assaulted another man outside of a bar. The assault caused the victim to slip into an coma and suffer permanent injuries.

Result: Our client was able to avoid jail, earn a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities, and achieve sobriety through an outpatient alcohol abuse program arranged with G&J's assistance.

Armed Robbery


Client, a drug and alcohol addict, faced potential life sentence in connection with an armed robbery charge.

Result: After trial, client was acquitted of most serious charges and was ultimately sentenced to just two years in jail, during which time he beat his substance addictions. Client is now sober and successfully employed and was discharged early from parole.

Case Results (Part 2)
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