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Case Results (Part 10)

Please note that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

  • Client, a 34-year old non-citizen with no criminal record, charged with Class A2 felony for allegedly possessing over four ounces of heroin. Client was facing ten years in prison and deportation.
    • Result: all charges dismissed after G&J persuaded prosecutor of client's innocence. No jail or immigration consequences for client.
  • Client, a university student, charged with raping a fellow student in his dorm room. Client's roommate pleaded guilty and agreed to testify that he had assisted client in committing the crime.
    • Result: complaining witness and client's roommate testified against him but client acquitted of all charges at trial after jury deliberated for forty-five minutes. The newspaper article about the case is available here . Remarkably, the client had been previously convicted and sentenced to state prison with another attorney. G&J pursued client's appeal and had his conviction unanimously overturned on appeal before winning his total acquittal at trial. The text of the appellate decision is available here .
  • Client charged with Enterprise Corruption for participating in alleged online identity theft ring. The grand jury reviewing judge dismissed the top charge, and G&J handled the appeal through New York state's highest court, the Court of Appeals . By a 6-1 decision, the Court reversed the lower court and dismissed the very serious Enterprise Corruption charge against our client. The text of the decision is available here .
  • High dismissal rate on first-time marijuana cases.
  • High dismissal rate on first-arrest shoplifting and petit larceny charges.
  • Foreign investor charged with allegedly sexually assaulting and raping a woman in his hotel room. His lawyers at G&J presented their version of events to the investigating prosecutor.
    • Result: Case dismissed and client's work visa was unaffected.
  • Finance professional charged with assault for allegedly pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs. The girlfriend pressed charges but G&J convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charges.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Client arrested for allegedly shooting at police officers and was considered a suspect in the killing of another man during the incident. G&J investigated the incident and discovered numerous civilian eyewitnesses that they presented to the investigating prosecutors.
    • Result: after a long grand jury investigatation that had been specially convened to investigate the incident, all charges against the client were dismissed. The case received major press coverage and G&J is currently pursuing a civil rights lawsuit in federal court on the cilent's behalf.
  • Client was arrested and charged with dozens of felonies in connection with a massive identity theft and bank fraud ring.
    • Result: client avoided a jail sentence by participating in a drug treatment program negotiated and arranged by G&J. Client was so successful in overcoming her addiction that she is now employed as a full-time counselor at the addiction center.
  • Real estate developer was charged with assault for allegedly assaulting his wife, and then re-arrested for criminal contempt for allegedly violating an order of protection. G&J convinced the prosecutor to move to dismiss all of the charges.
    • Result: Cases dismissed.
  • Client was a young man who allegedly assaulted another man outside of a bar. The assault caused the victim to slip into an coma and suffer permanent injuries.
    • Result: Our client was able to avoid jail, earn a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities, and achieve sobriety through an outpatient alcohol abuse program arranged with G&J's assistance.
  • Client, a drug and alcohol addict, faced potential life sentence in connection with an armed robbery charge.
    • Result: After trial, client was acquitted of most serious charges and was ultimately sentenced to just two years in jail, during which time he beat his substance addictions. Client is now sober and successfully employed and was discharged early from parole.
  • Client was a foreign student in New York charged with sexually assaulting a woman that he had met at a bar in Manhattan. His attorneys at G&J provided proof of significant inconsistencies in her story, and the prosecutor dismissed all charges.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Client was a green card holder who accidentally burned down the multi-unit brownstone in which he lived.
    • Result: G&J convinced the prosecutors to dismiss the most serious arson charges and the client was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge without any jail, probation, or community service; client was not deported.
  • Client was a full-scholarship student at a prestigious university in New York City charged with a felony sale of a controlled substance to undercover police officers.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Client was an internationally-known musician and disc jockey charged with possessing marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms .
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Client was charged with selling a controlled substance to an undercover officer outside of Madison Square Garden before a concert.
    • Result: No criminal conviction, no jail, no probation, no community service.
  • Client, a multiple predicate felon as a result of convictions for possessing and selling narcotics, was charged with possessing a felony weight of narcotics.
    • Result: After successfully completing an outpatient drug treatment program, no felony conviction, no jail, and no probation.
  • Client was assaulted by police officers and charged with the felony sale of narcotics.
    • Result: All felony charges were dismissed and client spent no time in jail; client later awarded a settlement in a civil rights lawsuit brought by G&J.
  • Client was a young man arrested for shoplifting that had just been accepted into a prestigious American military academy.
    • Result: all charges were dismissed, and with G&J's help, his admission to the academy was not revoked. Client is now a commissioned officer.
  • Client was arrested and charged with felony possession of a weapon. Defendant spent almost a year in jail and fired two lawyers before becoming represented by G&J.
    • Result: total trial acquittal on all charges after jury deliberated for about an hour.
  • Client, an internationally known foreign television correspondent, was arrested and charged with domestic assault.
    • Result: all charges dismissed without any publicity or immigration consequences for the client.
  • Client, an award-winning foreign filmmaker, was charged with shoplifting in Manhattan.
    • Result: all charges dismissed.
  • Client, a marketing executive with a large company, was charged with engaging in indecent behavior in a public park in NYC.
    • Result: all charges dismissed without jail, probation, or community service.
  • Client was a student charged with robbery in uptown Manhattan.
    • Result: all charges dismissed.
  • Client, the president of the board of a condominium association, was charged with grand larceny for stealing over $100,000 from the condominium association.
    • Result: no jail.
  • Client, an associate at one of the world's leading investment banks and a FINRA-licensed professional, was arrested for disorderly conduct and allegedly resisting arrest outside of a nightclub in Manhattan. G&J represented him on the criminal matter and advised him on how to report to his employer and FINRA.
    • Result: all charges dismissed without any career consequences.
  • Client, an attorney at a major law firm in Manhattan, was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana in public.
    • Result: all charges dismissed without any professional consequences whatsoever.
  • Client, a FINRA-licensed finance professional, was charged with assaulting someone following a car accident.
    • Result: G&J persuaded the prosecutor to dismiss all charges.
  • Client, a foreign IT professional with an international investment bank working in NYC on a visa, was arrested and charged with allegedly bribing a police lieutenant.
    • Result: all charges dismissed without any professional or immigration consequences.
  • Client, a businessman from Venezuela, was charged with possessing thousands of dollars of counterfeit money while on vacation in NYC.
    • Result: G&J successfully persuaded the prosecutor to dismiss all charges.
  • Clients, two foreign professional rugby players, were charged with felony assault for allegedly attacking police officers and giving one a concussion.
    • Result: no criminal convictions, no jail, no community, no probation, and back in time to start their seasons.
  • Client arrested for allegedly burglarizing a university building and stealing thousands of dollars worth of material.
    • Result: case dismissed in the grand jury.
  • Client, a successful financial professional, arrested for smashing the window of a police car and causing a police officer to suffer injuries as a result.
    • Result: all charges dismissed after client performed community service; no professional consequences for the client.
  • Client indicted for gunpoint robbery.
    • Result: G&J's motion to dismiss the indictment was granted, resulting in a total dismissal of all charges.
  • Client charged with sexual abuse of a stranger on the subway.
    • Result: G&J's motion to dismiss was granted, resulting in a total dismissal of all charges.
  • Doctor and his wife arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. The case received press coverage in their home country.
    • Result: Case dismissed, and G&J settled a civil rights lawsuit on their behalf for a significant amount of money damages.
  • IT professional arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Foreign technology consultant arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • NYC teacher arrested for jumping the subway turnstile when her Metrocard didn't work.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Client, a lawyer, arrested for possessing cocaine.
    • Result: Case dismissed without any professional consequences for the client.
  • Client, a lawyer, arrested for possessing marijuana.
    • Result: Case dismissed without any professional consequences for the client.
  • Client, a lawyer, issued a misdemeanor summons for reckless driving . G&J argued to the judge that the accusatory instrument was facially insufficient.
    • Result: Case dismissed without any professional consequences for the client.
  • Corporate executive (CEO) arrested for allegedly failing to pay his $3000-tab for bottle service at a Manhattan nightclub.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Taxi driver arrested and charged with felonies for allegedly scamming thousands of dollars from clients by rigging his meter to overcharge.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Retail store employee arrested for felony larceny for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the store cash register over the course of many months.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Store owner arrested for allegedly selling dozens of illegal knives.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Celebrity TV personality arrested for assaulting two men.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Client charged with raping child relative. G&J provided alibi witnesses that proved client's innocence.
    • Result: Case dismissed and mother of complainig witness arrested for filing a false report.
  • Client arrested for allegedly possessing an illegal gravity knife.
    • Result: Case dismissed.
  • Client arrested at international airport and charged in federal court withimportation of cocaine.
    • Result: client negotiated favorable plea agreement and received minimum sentence.
  • Multiple clients separately arrested for failing to pay taxi fare.
    • Result: all cases dismissed.
  • Client, a foreign citizen with a valid US work visa, arrested for possessing controlled substances.
    • Result: all charges dismissed after G&J proved that the defendant had a valid foreign prescription for the substances.

Consider also some of the following testimonials from past clients:

"Matt, my family and I would like to thank your firm from the bottom of our hearts for the excellent job you guys did with my case. From the appeal brief to the actual trial, the firm took my case seriously and believed me from day one. You literally saved my life, as I was facing a substantial amount of time in state prison, and I can't thank you enough for that. I want to thank you especially as you were the one who did such an excellent job at my trial, aggressively attacking every weakness that the prosecution had in its case.... resulting in me being found not guilty on all charges!!!

The first day I met you and Zach in the office I knew that you guys cared. Every time I met with you, Eric would also chime in as well and offer his expert advice on the situation at hand. Once again, I can't thank you and your firm enough for the job you guys did with my case from start to finish. If anyone were ever facing any type of criminal charges, I would not hesitate one bit to recommend Matthew and his firm to help. These two men care and will fight to the end to get the best possible outcome for the case. Matt, you truly were a blessing from God and I'm so thankful that the Lord guided us to you and your firm. Once again, I would recommend this firm 110% to anyone in need of help with their situation. God Bless! Matt, you are "real" and have touched and saved my life… I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you saved my life… thank you Matt and may God Bless you." – client

"I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you, Matthew Galluzzo; the high watermark of seasoned, consummate professionalism with exemplary, nuanced interpersonal acumen, a rapier keen wit, extensive experience and a veritable cache of verifiable accomplishments, the Lord used you to literally save my life. When I think about how profoundly and irredeemably incarceration would have adversely affected me and all i would have irrevocably lost, I can't help but thank God for all of your help. Thank you for being personable, transparent, patient with me, and for not making me feel like a reprobate." - client C.B.

"The first time I met Matthew Galluzzo, he was very professional towards me. He listened to me and always kept our meetings with each other straightforward, honest and real. He took his time with me, he was never in a rush, never overlooking any of my questions, and always very respectful towards me and my family…. He is a real good lawyer and a professional who knows the law and knew how to represent a client who was depending on it. He believed in me and I felt it and knew then, like I do now, that he was Heaven sent…

… My trial was the real deal and I was facing serious charges. I was found not guilty and Matt saved my life. I will always be grateful for this and appreciate the second chance in life…. I cannot take for granted what Matt has done for me… Galluzzo & Arnone proved my innocence. I am truly blessed and fortunate…" - client

"Thank you Matt, you saved my son and you saved our family. God bless you." -client's mother

"Matthew, thank you! It has been a pleasure working with you and I have to say that you have helped me keep my sanity...!" -client

"I want to thank you again for all the energy that you expended on behalf of our children during the weekend – your presence by their sides reassured them throughout this traumatic experience and reduced their suffering." – client's mother

"We really appreciate all your efforts in this matter… you did a great job. " - client

"Matt, thank you for your assistance in helping our friends over the weekend. We very much appreciate your attention and involvement. It was great comfort to the family to have you on the case and be able to communicate in French as well." client's friend.

"In 2009 I got arrested for Identity Theft In the First Degree. I thought it was the end of my freedom. Then, I began to think seriously about how would I get out from jail for a very serious offence. The first attorney I had did not seem too interested in my case. Later, I was introduced to a new lawyer. This time was different. My new lawyer and I started working together as a team from day one. After a few negotiations with the judge, my offer, seven years in jail and, a felony, decreased to six months in jail and a misdemeanor. I thank my lawyer, Matthew Galluzzo, for all his attention and care for me and my case. I can't say more. He is just the best!." – client

"Thanks Zack for helping to calm a frantic mother! After talking to you both I knew my son was in good hands!" - client's mother

"Matt, I can't thank you enough for all your help. You were quite impressive today… You can rest assured that I will recommend you highly to anyone I know… Again, on behalf myself and my family - thank you so much." – client

Case Results (Part 1)
Client Reviews
Mr. Galluzzo and his team at G&J are absolutely one of the best at what they do. The work tirelessly at getting the best possible result for the case at hand and they truly care about their clients. Galluzzo and his team were able to overturn and vacate my guilty plea, then taking a big risk where I could have faced a large amount of time in prison Galluzzo took my case to trial. He walked in there with the confidence and swagger as if he already knew everything would work out for me, he laid out every single fact and hole in the prosecutions case to the jury and came away with a full acquittal on every charge after just one hour of deliberations. In an instant, I had my life back! I would most certainly recommend Matthew and his team to anyone in need of legal help. Thanks again Matt! Client
Eric was a great asset to have on my side during a recent case. We had an initial phone discussion in which Eric talked about my specific situation, possible outcomes, and process. He was extremely knowledgeable, diligent and kept me up to speed throughout the ordeal. I would highly recommend Eric if you ever need an attorney in NYC. Client
I want to thank you again for all the energy that you expended on behalf of our children during the weekend – your presence by their sides reassured them throughout this traumatic experience and reduced their suffering. Client
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