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Case Results (Part 3)

Please note that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

  • High dismissal rate on first-time marijuana cases.
  • High dismissal rate on first-arrest shoplifting and petit larceny charges.



Client, a university student, charged with raping a fellow student in his dorm room. Client's roommate pleaded guilty and agreed to testify that he had assisted client in committing the crime.

Result: complaining witness and client's roommate testified against him but client acquitted of all charges at trial after jury deliberated for forty-five minutes. The newspaper article about the case is available here. Remarkably, the client had been previously convicted and sentenced to state prison with another attorney. G&J pursued client's appeal and had his conviction unanimously overturned on appeal before winning his total acquittal at trial. The text of the appellate decision is available here.

Enterprise Corruption


Client charged with Enterprise Corruption for participating in alleged online identity theft ring. The grand jury reviewing judge dismissed the top charge, and G&J handled the appeal through New York state's highest court, the Court of Appeals. By a 6-1 decision, the Court reversed the lower court and dismissed the very serious Enterprise Corruption charge against our client. The text of the decision is available here.

Sexual Assault


Foreign investor charged with allegedly sexually assaulting and raping a woman in his hotel room. His lawyers at G&J presented their version of events to the investigating prosecutor.

Result: Case dismissed and client's work visa was unaffected.



Finance professional charged with assault for allegedly pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs. The girlfriend pressed charges but G&J convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charges.

Result: Case dismissed.



Client arrested for allegedly shooting at police officers and was considered a suspect in the killing of another man during the incident. G&J investigated the incident and discovered numerous civilian eyewitnesses that they presented to the investigating prosecutors.

Result: after a long grand jury investigatation that had been specially convened to investigate the incident, all charges against the client were dismissed. The case received major press coverage and G&J is currently pursuing a civil rights lawsuit in federal court on the cilent's behalf.

Identity Theft & Bank Fraud

No Jail Time

Client was arrested and charged with dozens of felonies in connection with a massive identity theft and bank fraud ring.

Result: client avoided a jail sentence by participating in a drug treatment program negotiated and arranged by G&J. Client was so successful in overcoming her addiction that she is now employed as a full-time counselor at the addiction center.

Case Results (Part 4)
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