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Case Results (Part 7)

Please note that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

  • High dismissal rate on first-time marijuana cases.
  • High dismissal rate on first-arrest shoplifting and petit larceny charges.


No Criminal Convictions, No Jail, No Probation

Clients, two foreign professional rugby players, were charged with felony assault for allegedly attacking police officers and giving one a concussion.

Result: no criminal convictions, no jail, no community, no probation, and back in time to start their seasons.



Client arrested for allegedly burglarizing a university building and stealing thousands of dollars worth of material.

Result: case dismissed in the grand jury.

Smashing the Window of a Police Car


Client, a successful financial professional, arrested for smashing the window of a police car and causing a police officer to suffer injuries as a result.

Result: all charges dismissed after client performed community service; no professional consequences for the client.

Gunpoint Robbery


Client indicted for gunpoint robbery.

Result: G&J's motion to dismiss the indictment was granted, resulting in a total dismissal of all charges.

Sexual Abuse


Client charged with sexual abuse of a stranger on the subway.

Result: G&J's motion to dismiss was granted, resulting in a total dismissal of all charges.



IT professional arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Result: Case dismissed.

Case Results (Part 8)
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