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Case Results (Part 9)

Please note that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

  • High dismissal rate on first-time marijuana cases.
  • High dismissal rate on first-arrest shoplifting and petit larceny charges.



Client charged with raping child relative. G&J provided alibi witnesses that proved client's innocence.

Result: Case dismissed and mother of complainig witness arrested for filing a false report.

Possessing of Illegal Gravity Knife


Client arrested for allegedly possessing an illegal gravity knife.

Result: Case dismissed.

Importing Cocaine

Received Minimum Sentence

Client arrested at international airport and charged in federal court with importation of cocaine.

Result: client negotiated favorable plea agreement and received minimum sentence.

Failing to Pay Taxi Fare


Multiple clients separately arrested for failing to pay taxi fare.

Result: all cases dismissed.

Possession of Controlled Substances


Client, a foreign citizen with a valid US work visa, arrested for possessing controlled substances.

Result: all charges dismissed after G&J proved that the defendant had a valid foreign prescription for the substances.

Case Results (Part 10)
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