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New York Criminal Defense Lawyers

At The Law Office of Matthew Galluzzo, criminal defense is what we do best. We have extensive experience defending against a wide variety of criminal charges in both State and Federal Court. Whether you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor (such as DUI or shoplifting/larceny), or indicted for any serious state or federal felony, you can count on us to aggressively defend you with toughness, intelligence, and professionalism.

We have used our unique experience as former Manhattan prosecutors to secure numerous dismissals and acquittals in cases involving charges of murder, attempted murder, assault, sexual assault, domestic violence, drug sale and possession, weapons possession, larceny, and offenses involving property damage (criminal mischief and graffiti). Our results speak for themselves, which is why our clients have given Mr. Galluzzo a perfect 10.0 rating on

Our clients come from all walks of life and have included doctors, artists, lawyers, stockbrokers, professional athletes, musicians, and students alike. Regardless of background, we work closely with each of our clients in order to develop a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome in every case. We are also cognizant of the potential negative immigration consequences our non-citizen clients face, and have been so successful in defending our foreign clients that several New York City consulates regularly refer their citizens to us.

In addition to having an outstanding track of record of success, our New York criminal defense attorneys have the respect of judges and prosecutors, and glowing client reviews. If you or a loved one have been arrested, give us a call and schedule an appointment to discuss your case with one of our lawyers.

Here are a few examples of cases we can help you with:

Federal Crimes

Our office has represented numerous individuals accused of federal crimes throughout the United States. Those charges have included allegations of racketeering, money laundering, fraud, weapons and drug possession/trafficking, sex crimes, , witness intimidation, and more. We have routinely earned outstanding results and have won trial acquittals in newsworthy federal cases. Our attorneys are also certified by the federal courts of New York City as being especially qualified to receive client appointments, and we do routinely accept those tough assignments as a public service.

Assault / Violent Crimes

Assault comprises one of New York’s most serious misdemeanors, and is taken very seriously by local prosecutors. Whether arising from a workplace scuffle, a bar fight, road rage, or domestic violence, an assault charge carries the potential for serious permanent consequences and jail. For this reason, our team mounts a comprehensive and aggressive defense in every assault case we handle – and we’ve got the excellent track record to prove it. Our multi-faceted approach involves scrutinizing facial sufficiency of the charge based on the degree of injury alleged, fully exploring and investigating potential claims of self-defense, and more. Whether the charge is first or even third-degree assault, the criminal defense attorneys at our New York firm have the plan for your counter-attack.

Drugs Crimes

We have vast experience helping those accused of possessing small vials of cocaine as well as trafficking a substantial amount of narcotics. Cases involving drug sale or possession subject the accused to a significantly broad spectrum of penalties. Our team explores any and all applicable defenses and/or weakness in the prosecution’s case (such as constitutional infirmity of pat-downs or car stops). If we think a client’s rights have been violated, we put the police on the defense. In more serious cases involving long-term investigations (whether state or federal conspiracy or trafficking), we carefully parse audio and surveillance evidence for accuracy and identify and exculpatory evidence. Whether you’ve been charged under New York’s most serious “Kingpin” Statute or charged with misdemeanor drug possession, our team of former prosecutors are here to help.

Theft / Larceny

From Petit larceny to grand larceny, embezzlement to extortion, we’ve handled every type of case involving theft, and have successfully represented clients from all over the world who come to New York and find themselves similarly accused. Our team is particularly cognizant of the fact that cases charges involving theft or dishonesty pose a litany of serious collateral consequences for our clients, including those with specialized professional licenses (in finance, for example) or non-citizen who are temporarily in the U.S. on Visas. Whether guilty or innocent, our New York criminal defense lawyers create powerful customized plans for mitigation and makes every vigorous attempt to spare our clients’ records, keep them out of jail and keep them at their jobs.


DUI is not only one of the most common charges in New York, it is also one of the most potentially damaging to reputation. Cases involving driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol affect every type of client, from the college student heading home from a party to the employee who had a few too many at the office function. Indeed, many prosecutors and judges take zero tolerance approaches to these cases. Luckily, we’ve handled a great deal of DWI cases with success across the City, and we’re prepared to aggressively represent you at every phase. We’ve prevailed at suspension hearings by challenging the allegations of probable cause and adequacy of refusal warnings provided to the motorists, have obtained hardship or conditional licenses for them, and have spared clients criminal records.

Desk Appearance Tickets (MATT)

A large number of our clients are issued white Desk Appearance Tickets – “DATs” – which command them to return to Court on a later date. This is not just an ordinary ticket, and the recipient can fully expect to face criminal and/or violation charges when they appear before the Judge several weeks or months after the incident has occurred. Our team has successfully defended DAT’s for assault, petit larceny, forgery, theft of services, and much more. We utilize the period of time prior to the arraignment to hit the ground running and aggressively mount a defense on behalf of clients throughout New York. Our resourceful criminal defense lawyers know that no client should go into Court alone to face a DAT charge, and so we thoroughly prepare them for the criminal prosecution that awaits them – and gear up to secure the best result possible once they get there.

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Prosecutors have seemingly infinite resources. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in jeopardy of prosecution, it’s time to put in place the best defense. There is no one better to defend you than two former veteran prosecutors who achieved great success in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and who went on to serve in specialized units with distinction. To be sure, the experience we gained working for the very side that may be prosecuting you is one of the primary reasons for our incredible success in defending the rights of many. If you have been charged with a crime (or suspect you might be), contact The Law Office of Matthew Galluzzo immediately. The risks are simply too high and this is the time to contact those who are tried and true.

Call us now at (212) 344-5180 and schedule your consultation today.


Meet Matthew J. Galluzzo

Matthew Galluzzo is an intelligent and accomplished litigator who cares deeply about his clients. He concentrates his practice primarily in the areas of criminal defense, appeals, and civil rights. He has experience representing high-profile clients in high-stakes matters, and his tenacious and skillful advocacy routinely yields outstanding results for his clients.

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I found myself in such a dark place thinking only God could understand and help me through this horrible situation. But Matthew Galluzzo did. And he did so in a very kind, compassionate and respectful manner. Enough said.


Matthew Galluzzo saved the day when the unthinkable happened. Every phone call was returned within minutes. All email correspondences were replied to expeditiously. Matt handled our case as if it was a member of his own family in the courtroom. Despite all the obstacles along the way, Matt's legal...


In less than an hour of assessing my case, Mr. Galluzzo had a clear direction and evoked a confident demeanor that was infectious. During the course of several court appearances he was always prepared, and took more than a personal interest when errors in court procedure occurred. Mr. Galluzzo...


We hired Matt when my son was arrested on several very serious felony charges. Matt is not only very knowledgeable about the law, he genuinely cares about his clients. He was patient and professional, inside the courtroom and out, in what turned out to be a very long process. He worked closely with...


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