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The attorneys at Galluzzo & Arnone LLP include three former Manhattan prosecutors with more than 40 years of experience in the fields of criminal defense, appeals, false arrest and police brutality, civil litigation, and FINRA-related matters. They have been recognized as experts countless times by the news and media and have outstanding reputations for professionalism among prosecutors, judges, and other attorneys in the community.

One unique advantage to hiring Galluzzo & Arnone LLP to represent you is that they always work together as a team. Their attorneys each bring their own unique strengths and backgrounds to each case, and they routinely collaborate with each other on all of their matters. Despite this all-hands-on-deck attitude to representing their clients, their rates remain very competitive and reasonable for the quality of their service. Thus, the bottom line is that when you hire Galluzzo & Arnone LLP to represent you, you are actually getting the experience and insight of three top-notch attorneys for the price of one.

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