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Assault crimes are extremely serious because they have the potential to impact your closest relationships unlike any other crime. At The Law Office of Matthew Galluzzo, our team boasts more than 20 Years of combined experience – all of which can be put to work to advance your case.

If this is your first run-in with the law, you may be fearful and unsure of where to turn. Our frequently asked questions can arm you with valuable knowledge, regardless of what you are facing. If you are in need of personal representation, our New York assault attorneys are more than capable of assisting you.

When Is Assault Considered a Felony?

The state of New York separates felony assault offenses into two categories – second and first degree. Both categories have similar requirements to be considered a felony, including serious physical injury that occurred, intentionality in the act, recklessness when acting, and the use of a deadly or dangerous weapon.
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Will I Go to Jail If I'm Convicted of Domestic Violence?

Although the specifics of your sentence rest on the severity of your offense, most domestic violence crimes are punishable by incarceration, fines, and a temporary or permanent protective order held against you.
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How Is Manslaughter Different Than Murder?

Manslaughter is defined as an illegal act of killing that is not accompanied by malicious intent. Because murder almost always involves malice, the penalties are increasingly more serious and carry a great deal of moral blame. Manslaughter can be considered either voluntary or involuntary.
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What Happens If a Restraining Order Is Held Against Me?

A restraining order can be either temporary or permanent. Most orders ban the defendant from owning weapons, as well as require them to stay away from certain family members. Violating a restraining order can incur a criminal conviction and further penalties.
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If Convicted of Workplace Violence, Will I Lose My Job?

Workplace violence is a serious offense that may result in the loss of your job. The court will take into account the details of your crime and whether you have any prior offenses before assigning a sentence. Many times, those convicted receive a work suspension.
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Can Your Firm Help Me?

Our attorneys will do everything they can to achieve a successful outcome on your behalf. We have helped countless clients reduce or dismiss their charges altogether and would be honored to work toward that same goal for you.
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Client Reviews

I found myself in such a dark place thinking only God could understand and help me through this horrible situation. But Matthew Galluzzo did. And he did so in a very kind, compassionate and respectful manner. Enough said.


Matthew Galluzzo saved the day when the unthinkable happened. Every phone call was returned within minutes. All email correspondences were replied to expeditiously. Matt handled our case as if it was a member of his own family in the courtroom. Despite all the obstacles along the way, Matt's legal...


In less than an hour of assessing my case, Mr. Galluzzo had a clear direction and evoked a confident demeanor that was infectious. During the course of several court appearances he was always prepared, and took more than a personal interest when errors in court procedure occurred. Mr. Galluzzo...


We hired Matt when my son was arrested on several very serious felony charges. Matt is not only very knowledgeable about the law, he genuinely cares about his clients. He was patient and professional, inside the courtroom and out, in what turned out to be a very long process. He worked closely with...


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