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Galluzzo secures dismissal of federal misdemeanor charge

This week, Mr. Galluzzo obtained an excellent result for a client charged with a federal misdemeanor crime in Central Islip (EDNY) federal court.

The client, an attorney, was originally issued a summons by a park ranger for allegedly engaging in obscene conduct in a federal park in Fire Island. The summons suggested that he should resolve the case by paying a fine. However, such a guilty plea through the mail would have resulted in him being convicted of a federal misdemeanor crime. The client instead elected to go to court with Mr. Galluzzo as his counsel.

At the first appearance in federal court, Mr. Galluzzo spoke to prosecutors about the client’s exceptional background and the impact that a criminal conviction would have on his future and his career. The prosecutor was thus persuaded to dismiss the criminal charges in exchange for a $50 fine, which the client was happy to pay to resolve the matter.

So, rather sustain a permanent and public criminal record by paying the fine, the client had his federal criminal charges dismissed and there will be no public record of the case. If you or a loved one have been issued a summons for a federal misdemeanor, you should strongly consider contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you. It may seem like no big deal to plead guilty or pay a fine, but the consequences for your criminal record – including your career, your immigration status, and your future – could be jeopardized by such a decision.

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