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Galluzzo trial victory featured in Atticus magazine

An article about Matthew Galluzzo's recent victory in a first-degree rape trial in Delaware County, New York, was featured in the most recent issue of Atticus magazine, the leading New York state criminal defense attorney publication. After overturning his client's conviction on appeal (the client had been represented by another attorney when he was originally convicted), Mr. Galluzzo proceeded to trial in October 2013. The prosecution presented DNA evidence and the testimony of two prompt-outcry witnesses, the complaining witness, and a cooperating co-defendant, among other evidence. Nevertheless, the defendant was acquitted of all charges after the jury deliberated for less than an hour.

Atticus magazine routinely publishes articles about noteworthy and remarkable victories by members of the New York state criminal defense bar. This is the second issue in a row in which one of Mr. Galluzzo's victories has been featured. (See here for the prior article in the summer edition 2013).

A link to the most recent article in the Fall 2013 issue is available here: