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LOMG successfully obtains sealing of misdemeanor conviction

On Friday of last week, the Law Office of Matthew Galluzzo (LOMG) successfully persuaded a criminal court judge in Brooklyn to seal the records of arrest and conviction for a client who had been convicted of a misdemeanor in 2013. The client was arrested in 2012 for allegedly stealing over $100,000.00 from his condominium board. He repaid the money to his victims and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor to satisfy the felony charges against him. Since that time, the client has worked as a white collar professional in a variety of roles. However, he recently became eligible for sealing of this criminal conviction pursuant to New York Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59. So, he asked LOMG to submit an application on his behalf. In these sorts of situations, eligible defendants can ask criminal court judges to seal the arrest and convictions records of certain types of criminal cases over ten years old. LOMG filled out the required paperwork and submitted a memorandum of law in support of the application, complete with character letters in support. The judge was convinced that the client deserved sealing of his records, and now the client can apply for new jobs without fear that background checks will reveal this old conviction.

Certain criminal convictions in New York state courts can be sealed pursuant to N.Y. CPL Section 160.59. If you think you might be eligible for this relief, you should strongly consider contacting the experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Matthew Galluzzo PLLC. Matthew Galluzzo is a former Manhattan prosecutor who has successfully petitioned many criminal court judges across New York state to seal the convictions of many deserving people.

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